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  • Router Memory Acting Up?

    Lately I accidently crashed an i2p-router (by having its file-system run full). After that, the memory used was … remarkable …

  • Comeback Notes

    After I started looking into I2P a bit more again I noticed several things need some fixing here …

  • OpenSourceGaming: Flare-RPG

    I check out open-source games occassionally. Current thing is Flare, a game not unlike Diablo 2. I remember to have tried this some years ago. Here’s how I like it now … Beware, spoilers ahead …

  • Raspberry Pi with a Switch

    I thought connecting a switch to a raspberry would be a simple task. It took me several days of trying around to finally get it to work properly. Thinking I might need this information again (and maybe others too?), I decided to go and write my findings down as a little how-to.

  • Owncloud / remote sync with self-signed certificates

    I have been trying to figure out how to build a personal information infrastructure based on open-source projects. The idea is to have a cloud based at ones own home. As a part of this, here is how to make Owncloud work with self-signed certificates.

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